Docdown doclet

Docdown is a custom Javadoc doclet used to generate javadoc and project documentation from markdown files. Key features of Docdown are:

  • Modern look and feel, using frameless html.
  • Embeds javadoc into Wiki style pages written in markdown.
  • References to the javadoc from the Wiki style pages.

Using docdown doclet

Add the following option to your javadoc command:

  -doclet com.parrot.docdown.DocdownDoclet 
  -docletpath docdown.jar
  -d doc-out
  -docsourcepath doc-src

Docdown require Java 7 minimum.

note: docdown doesn't supports a list of java file to process. Source files must be specified by the option -sourcepath and packages to include by the option -subpackages or by providing the packages to include.


Docdown doclet is released under the Apache License Version 2.0. Source code is on github.